Important Info

Crystals & Stones

Crystals and Stones are natural products created by mother nature.  No two are ever the same.

We try to take as detailed photos as possible to show you their true beauty.  From time-to-time certain inclusions, pits, fissures, and small marks may not be visible in the photos. These are part of the crystals make up and are what makes it individual and beautiful.  All care is taken to ensure any crystal or stone sold is of the highest quality.  If we wouldn’t put it in our home, then we won’t sell it.

At times, colour may differ slightly due to lighting conditions such as natural light vs studio lighting.  We always aim to show as true to the colour as possible on our website.


Marble & Stone Products

Marble is a natural porous product, as such it can become stained when using for food or beverage products, especially red wine, and coloured foods. We will not accept products as faulty if they become stained or marked upon use. 



Whenever possible we try use sustainable or recycled /recyclable packaging.  Our imported goods a heavily package to ensure safe travel, and we try to reuse this packaging when we can to extend its use.  Please dispose of packaging thoughtfully such as cardboard in your council recycling bin and bubble wrap through “Redcycle” at your local supermarket.  Please dispose of any non-recyclable products safely in your rubbish bin