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Emilie Grayson

Black Matte Candle Care Kit – 4 pce

Black Matte Candle Care Kit – 4 pce

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Our Black Matte Candle Care Kit is the perfect addition to those who enjoy a burning candle.  Not only practical but beautifully designed to complement your candle and interior.

This kit will assist in extending the life of your candles.

The kit comes with:

Tray – Place you tools on the tray to keep surface clean after use.  Can also be used to style you candle.

Dipper – Used to remove any excess wax off the wick for a cleaner burn.

Wick Trimmer – remember to always trim your wick before use to 5mm. Keeping your candle wick trimmed, helps eliminate excess soot production and also makes your candle burn more evenly which can prolong the life of your candle.

Snuffer – Use the snuffer by placing over the candle flame to extinguish. This prevents the wick from smoldering and creating unnecessary smoke.

Tray Measures: 23cm x 9.5 cm

Material- Tray, Dipper & Wick Trimmer: Stainless steel

Material - Snuffer: Stainless steel handle + zinc alloy head

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