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Emilie Grayson

Labradorite Tray

Labradorite Tray

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Our Labradorite crystal trays are stunning and flashy.  A staple for every home.  Use for Jewellery, perfumes, crystals, toiletries.  This tray will look stunning regardless.

Also perfect in the work place as Labradorite is said to encourage communication, team work and promotes a balanced and calming work environment.

Dimensions: 25 x 15 x 1.6 cm

Please note as Labradorite is  a natural product, each tray is unique and different but all with beautiful flashes. This crystal is not suitable for use with hot surfaces as sudden temperature changes may damage the surface.  Please use the pictures as a guide only.  Pictures shown are reflective of the flashing and colour that you will receive.

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